NETRAM Cloud Migration Services

Smoother and faster transition with cutting-edge cloud migration and management tools


The preliminary stage that initiates the migration and adaption to the cloud

  • We check your business requirements and analyse the workloads types and portfolio to be moved for fitting to the chosen cloud platform.
  • Bandwidth consumption, geolocation, backup and storage requirements are taken into account while for assessing the cost of migration.
  • Current gaps are identified and a viable solution is discussed with the Cloud vendor to bridge the gaps.
  • Assess current tools used and the replacement tools supported by the cloud environment and the users’ comfort of the same.


The most important stage to make the migration smooth and seamless.

  • We check the application architecture and topology and plan for any performance-related issue arising during migration.
  • Identify the most suitable hybrid integration plan.
  • We study the single sign-on (SSO) mechanisms provided by the cloud vendor to leverage the service.
  • Train the team with onboarding materials to get comfortable with the Cloud
  • Check the need for any internal changes suitable to the new environment.
  • Plan how to deploy the updated code, data, and configurations in the new cloud environment.
  • Plan how the service can be operated after migration
  • Plan how to minimize downtime while migrating and how to sync with the current environment until the transition is complete.
  • Plan the payment process to the cloud vendor.
  • Plan and implement trial runs before the actual migration to check for real-time issues related to the abovementioned issues


Having done a throughout assessment and planning, can we chill during migration? Not really. Migration can still spring some surprises. Hence, we do take care of the following

  • Plan on data and application distribution in the cloud environment.
  • Identify the security measures to be taken during the transition.
  • Migrate virtual machines carefully
  • Migrate all the required data and applications
  • Set up support configurations in the cloud destination and recreate metadata.


Our job doesn’t end there. After we completely migrate your data, storage and applications to the Cloud destination, we check and ensure the following.

  • All applications are performing well.
  • The migrated applications are accessible to all your users, including your remote users
  • All the necessary data is transferred.
  • Administrative tools can access data and all applications.

Why NETRAM Cloud migration services for Azure Solutions?

  • Deployment of fool-proof and strategy and assessment plan, and cutting-edge cloud migration and management tools for smoother and faster transition, downtime minimizing, seamless operations, optimum performance, and effective control.
  • Vigorous workload and backup testing before migration, for enhanced performance of applications and increased user productivity.
  • Rigorous documentation to maximize continuity and user comfort, monitor systems by putting in place best practices, online support and regular maintenance schedules. First-level local support for critical issues that can’t be handled in-house.