NETRAM Cloud Managed Services

Integrated Cloud Environment management optimized for business growth

Advantages of NETRAM as your Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Knowledge and expertise

The Azure Cloud Solutions have many services; hence it could take long time and money to train the in-house IT team both initially and whenever required updates are released. Our technicians have necessary knowledge and expertise to handle your cloud environment, making the services available to you.

Integrated Services

We take care of daily IT management for Cloud based services, provide technical support, security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, vendors, etc. We also handle performance testing, monitoring and reporting, backup, and recovery and more.

Cost cutting

By Outsourcing you control and reduce network maintenance costs. Cost of hiring a fill in-house IT team is spared.

Optimized monthly costs

With a fixed monthly service plan that’s customized to fit your seasonal needs or budget, you optimize the amount you pay for IT support.

Optimized utilization of Azure Cloud

Letting us manage makes the latest technology and services available to your business.

Fast response time

Your businesses can expect quick response time through enterprise-level monitoring, quicker familiarization of your network. We access, monitor, and repair almost any network issue remotely. A local first-level support will also be given for critical, time-bound issues.

Disaster recovery

With our resilient network infrastructure is spread across data centers, your data will be totally safe, secured and retrievable across all cloud services and applications. If disaster occurs, your business and operations can resume operations with minimal downtime.

Strong network infrastructure

We offer a strong network infrastructure with 24/7 management. With the right service agreement, we can monitor and scan the network for patch requirements security, and more.

Centralized network services and applications

We manage all your applications and servers in a central data center. It increases network availability; hence your remote network users can also access the data including virtual services. It increases production of your employees. Another advantage of centralized network is you can build storage and backup into it.

Vendor interfacing

We deal with vendors and resolve when vendor-specific service issues arise as we have the technical knowledge to communicate with them.