The website contains multimedia content detailing your practice listed in a web server. It is an online space popularizing the existence and awareness about your practice. Your website helps patients to reach you round the clock, without requiring them to call or visit, thus it is a valuable support or contact centre. This builds your credibility and trustworthiness, in turn increase in patient visits.


To acquire new patients

ELI Health Healthcare Digital Marketing Services offers effective practice marketing tools for individual practices, facilities and hospitals. Using a professional digital marketing services company like ours is the best approach to boost your visibility and productivity. Our solutions – practice marketing, responsive website development, and patient mobile app development – assist you in income generation, staying ahead of competition, and maintaining online reputation via heightening your social media presence, which will result in more foot traffic to your practice. These solutions are accessible via latest technologies, such as client-server, touch screen-based and cloud-based. Read more

To retain existing patients

Your website is a first place where an existing patient looks for the availability of doctors if they need treatment for different conditions to the ones for which they are being treated. Vis your website existing patients can request information, learn the latest news in your area of expertise and stay in touch with your team members. Engaging the patient through notifications, survey questionnaires and live chat is an effective way of retaining patients.

To build and maintain online reputation

By practice marketing tools, your website’s visibility will be heightened. The links given in your website to post reviews in your social media accounts will build your online reputation, which will help in your website and practice will be noticed by netizens all around the world. This referral and recommendation is one of the strongest sources for lead generation.?


Eli Health and its web services with its proven record have pan India and international clientele. We have our Holding Company ELI GLOBAL’s back up with its vast international experience, resources and man years, which delivered a 35% Compound Annual Growth with over $1 billion assets.

Eli Health is part of the Eye Care Leaders (ECL) group headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, which has brought together leading eye care companies, to provide more options, more features, and better support to eye care practices across the world than ever before.

Our Step-By-Step Approach helps in designing a conversion-focused website.
  • Our technical team has vast experience in modern programming languages and design skills to create user-friendly, interactive desktop as well as mobile-websites
  • Our all-device compatible design makes viewing your website in any smart device (smart phone, tab, etc.) possible with easy reading and navigation, with minimum scrolling and panning.
  • We design website with complete scalability.
  • We have a dedicated R&D wing

Strong Support Service
  • Free support for the warranty period of 12 months
  • Support in further modification and customization
  • Scalability support
  • Infrastructure support

Your website presents these details to the visitor
  • Details about you and your services
  • Details about your credentials and competencies
  • Videos and images of your procedures
  • Your contact details and location map
  • Awards and accolades you received
  • Patient feedback/reviews
  • Online appointment request form
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Career opportunities with you