Eli Health’s core competency is Web Applications Development, covering a wide range of IT products and solutions principally for the businesses in the healthcare, BFSI and supply chain industries. With our operation facilities at Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad and Chennai, we are part of Eli Global that has worldwide established presence with 105 businesses across 45 destinations employing over 4000 people specialized in various IT domains.

Our Core Services
  • Customized software solutions for businesses worldwide according to the nature of business and end-user need
  • BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) projects
  • Product implementation (at any stage/all stages) and maintenance
  • Remotely outsource resources for businesses across the globe.
Customized Web Solutions: Need with Speed
  • Customized software allows your business to transform daily operations into goal-oriented modules.
  • Unlike the readymade web solutions, customized one has the remarkable flexibility to run exactly the way you want it to, fulfilling your needs with less time.
  • Since every business has different needs, one off-the-shelf product cannot accommodate multiple requirements simultaneously. Here a customized solution plays a vital role in integrating various needs.
Outsource Product Development: No Pain All Gain
  • Saves your money: It is estimated that BOT projects save up to 60% of the normal cost as the project is built, operated and managed by an off-shore team.
  • Saves your time: An expert team can do the same work in less amount of time than in-house, as we have superior experience and dedicated focus in application areas.
  • Early release on market: With a team of resources in different time zones product development is managed on 24/7 cycle. This makes possible to release the product on market faster.
  • Minimize the risks: At some point every country runs into some hassles. BOT lowers that risk by diversifying workforce and workplace around the globe offering flexibility to hedge against risks.
Outsourcing Implementation Is Best, Here Is Why
  • Shorter time (reduced by 43%), than done by an in-house team.
  • Lower cost, as you pay just for the work done, whereas in-house team is paid salary.
  • Fewer setbacks, so the rate of software units implemented is greater.
  • You get all the benefits of a complete team of IT experts without the associated employment costs.
Align with ELI Health: Best in the business
  • It is a well-known fact that more than 60% of vendors with best-in-class IT certification and capabilities are in India. We are one of the leading vendors having domain expertise in healthcare, BFSI and supply chain industries and technology skill set, with the quality of codes and software programs equivalent and sometimes better with respect to developed countries
  • As our organizational culture is of international standard, our team understands the needs and the focuses of businesses worldwide.
  • Our high-quality infrastructure facility includes videoconferencing equipment, VOIP connections, online screen sharing facility.