Eli Health EMR is a rapidly growing company with an expertise in and focus on healthcare software solutions, including Hospital Management software, Ophthalmology EMR Software, Practice Management Software solutions and Healthcare Practice Marketing Services encompassing Practice Marketing, Responsive Website Designing, and Patient Mobile App development as well as Web Applications Development.. We are committed to provide on-time delivery with all-time support on a cost-effective basis.

Netram HIS/Netram Ophthalmology EMR

Netram HIS is a Healthcare Management software extensively used by clients in India and beyond. It takes care of end-to-end needs (from appointment through discharge to follow-up visits) of small to medium-sized hospitals. It contains separate modules, such as Appointment scheduling, Registration, OPD and IPD Management, Billing, Surgery, Inventory, and Accounting, covering all important processes of daily hospital management. Various parameters can be inputted to maintain detailed records of patients, processes, and revenue, and a number of decision-making reports can be easily and graphically generated. Read more

Netram Ophthalmology EMR software contains, in addition to the modules present in the HIS software, ophthalmology-specific modules for Auto refraction, Optometrist, Eye examination workup, Laser workup, Laser and FFA workup, etc. This is an HL7, HIPAA and ICD-10 code-compliant and also NABH-compliant software for ophthalmology in India and beyond. It has a patient portal via which patients can access their records, view lab results, fix appointment, and contact hospital at all times. Read more

A Peek at Netram HIS/EMR
  • User-friendly interface, hence it takes minimum time to install, learn, and maintain.
  • Simultaneous multiuser accessibility unlike paper-based record keeping, which makes data input and retrieval easier and faster.
  • Suits different levels end-user needs, for example doctors can view their monthly schedule, hospital administrators are able to have MIS reports and patients via Patient portal can view and access their records and be in touch with the hospital.
  • Advanced, innovative and completely integrated solutions, this makes inter-department operations seamless.
  • Equipment integration eliminates human data input and data retrieval errors, preventing fatally erroneous decision making.
  • Precise medical decision making made possible because various processes are integrated and comprehensive reports are generated.
  • Enhanced information integrity because of airtight system security features and access control rights.
  • Zero paper work, as all data are recorded and maintained digitally.
  • SMS utility for Appointments and Reminders which helps in easy management of any number of customers in addition to building customer loyalty.
  • Graphical presentation of hospital data, making top-level decision making quicker and easier.
  • EMR with Image Work-up enhances seamless integration of clinical images into EMR.
  • Elimination of duplication of records because of the creation of unique patient identification number at registration.

Netram Practice Marketing Services

*Digital marketing, *website designing and *patient mobile App development

ELI Health Healthcare Practice Marketing Services offers effective practice marketing tools for individual practices, facilities and hospitals. Using a professional practice marketing services company like ours is the best approach to boost your visibility and productivity. Our solutions – practice marketing, responsive website development, and patient mobile app development – assist you in income generation, staying ahead of competition, and maintaining online reputation via heightening your social media presence, which will result in more foot traffic to your practice. These solutions are accessible via latest technologies, such as client-server, touch screen-based and cloud-based. Read more

ELI Health facilitates informed patient decision making
  • In this informed decision-making era, prospective patients hit the Internet first to look for reputed healthcare services. Even word of mouth referrals are followed up with Internet searches.
  • From this very entry point ELI Health participates in patient decision making. With our SEO techniques embedded in your website, the popular search engines rank you higher in the search results.
  • As a natural progressive step, the prospective clients visit your responsive website, which we have designed for you with neat look, easy navigation, relevant and eye-catching multimedia content.
  • Here our SMO techniques come into play. To enhance the chances of conversion, in your website we will provide links to your social media accounts where the existing clients have reviewed your services. Prospective patients view your online reputation built and managed by us, here the chances their choosing you ahead of your competitors solidifies.
  • Once they start using your services, we provide them with a patient mobile App which will help in the patient engagement and retention.

Netram Web Applications Development

Eli Health’s core competency is Web Applications Development, covering a wide range of IT products and solutions principally for the businesses in the healthcare, BFSI and supply chain industries. Our core services include

  • Customized software solutions for businesses worldwide according to the nature of business and end-user need
  • BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) projects
  • Product implementation (at any stage/all stages) and maintenance
  • Remotely outsource resources for businesses across the globe.