Why pay third party to stay on top, build your reputation
Most of the world is mobile

Boosting practice using Practice marketing is the best approach to increase your visibility and productivity in the digital world of today. Practice marketing involves digital marketing of your practice with professional help on relevant web properties to acquire and maintain online visibility and reputation, resulting in enhanced volume of patients and revenue.

With over 20 years of expertise in HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and as a sought-after Digital Marketing Services company ELI Health provides an excellent structural platform for Patient Engagement Services via Digital Marketing for individual practices, facilities, and hospitals.

What Can We Do For You?
  • Engage ELI Health instead of spending your own precious resources.
  • We take care of your IT challenges including storing and accessing ever-growing digital data most securedly.
  • We can provide your practice information at your patients’ fingertips through their smart phones via such tools as SEO and SMO, website and mobile App for effective engagement of prospective and current patients, by which increase patient enrolment, patient retention and revenue generation.
Our Five-Point Fail-Proof Approach
  • Social media optimization – channelizes web traffic to your website;
  • Search engine optimization – helps in optimal designing your website to be highly ranked by search engines;
  • Online reputation management – includes listing your practice in all relevant web portals including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, review websites like Google+, and business-oriented sites like Linkedin, and getting online reviews for your practice to enable patients to choose you;
  • All-device website designing, – we enhance social media engagement in your website, for example to like, share, post and repost contents which will enhance your visibility across the social media and search engines. If your practice is yet to have a website, we are fully equipped with to create a responsive desktop as well as mobile website for you to market your practice effectively;
  • Patient mobile App development, – patient can be directly engaged on a one-on-one basis. Again, if your website is not complemented by a Patient Mobile App yet, please click here to create one.
Our step-by-step strategy
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • The primary aim of employing SMO is to enhance web traffic to your website and increase the awareness of its existence.
  • We do these by designing high-quality responsive website/ mobile-website and developing patient Mobile App.
  • Our multimedia healthcare content makes more users to visit, use, and share links of the websites and Mobile App across social media and networking sites.
  • Social media engagement tools in your website, such as buttons to like, share, post and repost contents, will enhance your visibility across the social media (Facebook, Twitter) and search engines (Google, Yahoo). Increasing likes and votes helps in SEO.
  • As a part of SMO we ensure that negative feedback won’t be at the top of the search engine results.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEO is the process of designing your website to be highly ranked on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Eli Health designs your websites attractive for the search engines, also for social media users, as search engines now take into account the recommendations of users of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • We first analyse the existing website to ascertain how well it is positioned for search engines. Then we identify search terms relevant to your practice, location, and segment, prioritize a list of keywords and integrate them into your website’s source code as well as populate the content with them. For creating a new website, please click here.
  • Eli health has the latest web development technologies, including HTML / HTML5 / CSS3, PHP, BOOTSTRAP, Codeigniter, Laravel to enhance the features and functionality of your websites.
  • WordPress platform we use optimizes your website for SEO. We do further SEO enhancement.
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • ORM deals with maintaining your practice’s brand and feedback in the online community – websites, social networking sites, search engines, blogs, news sites, forums, etc.
  • For 70% of the consumers, service or product online reviews is #2 factor in deciding to go for that product or service.
  • Looking for reputed healthcare facilities people increasingly go online from search engines to social networking sites, besides recommendations from known contacts, to conduct their own research.
  • We ensure that your practice is listed in all relevant web portals including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and business-oriented sites like Linkedin. We derive reviews from your patients via these popular online sites and publish the reviews in your website and web pages, to ensure your practice stay at the top rung of the searches by potential patients.
  • We also interlink your online accounts with each other and also link them to your website; this will enable your web pages rank higher in the search engines.
Responsive Website Designing-
  • An all-device compatible website is the gateway and online address to route patients to your practice. It makes the online community aware of the services you offer.
  • When potential patients are looking for reputed healthcare services, by SEO and SMO strategies we channelize traffic your website which will result in lead generation and conversion.
  • A website connects your patients with you at all times building patient engagement and patient loyalty.
  • A website announces your new resources and equipment addition, popularizing your practice online
Patient Mobile App Development
  • With nearly 90 percent of today’s patients using smart phones and tablets to find healthcare information and providers online, a mobile App is a powerful tool for practice marketing.
  • Apps increasingly personalize searches based on user interests and location. It is a two-way communication exclusively between you and your patients.
  • Your patient mobile App with the following features retain the cache of patients::
    • Reach you using one-touch calling, email, website link and GPS directions to your practice – right from your app.
    • Make easy appointments.
    • Send push notifications. Deliver instant messages to your patients.
    • Promote special events and promotions with an in-app events calendar.
    • Keep patients informed.
    • Get instant feedback from patients.
    • Track your success with robust analytics for daily, weekly and monthly downloads of your App.
Support Benefits of Aligning with Eli Health
  • We provide infrastructure support.
  • We offer online training for your staff.
  • We also give online knowledge transfer.