Web Developement

Eli Health core competency is HIS and Healthcare expertise since 20 years. ELI do provide Web Applications solutions, covering a wide range of products and solutions including website designing, principally for the businesses in the healthcare industry. We have an established PAN INDIA presence with our operation facilities located at Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Indore. We are well equipped to offer the best customized solutions to meet your day-to-day and complex business and operational needs. We provide various web development solutions to our clients and partners, both domestically and globally with efficient “right-here right-now” technical support. We are agile, responsive, willing to learn and establish a long-term relationship with our clients.

Why Should You Go for Customized Web Solutions?
  • Customized software development allows your business to transform daily operations into goal-oriented modules.
  • Unlike the readymade web solutions, customized one has the remarkable flexibility to run exactly the way you want it to.
  • Since every business has different needs, one readymade product cannot accommodate multiple requirements simultaneously. Here a customized solution plays a vital role in integrating various needs.
Our Organizational Strengths:
  • We provide
    • Tailor-made /Custom Made solutions as per the requirement, nature of business and need of usage of our clients and partners;
    • Competitive pricing;
    • Maintenance and efficient, reliable, flexible technical support;
    • An integrated solution for multiple processes.
  • We are well-known for PHP development.
  • We partnered/ are associated with PAN INDIA and international clients.
  • We have a focused team of experience-rich professionals with out-of-the-box thinking.
  • We have a dedicated R&D wing “Innovation Factory” which keeps us on top rung of our business.
Our Technical Strengths
  • It is directly integrated with the Netram software.
  • We have the key advantage of applying the BOOTSTRAP Framework for creating all-device compatibility usages which puts us ahead in the field of our fellow service providers.
  • We work on latest web development technologies, including HTML / HTML5 / CSS3, PHP, BOOTSTRAP, Codeigniter, Laravel to enhance the features and functionality of your websites.
  • All the technologies we use to create are totally customizable and have fantastic technical support.
Key Benefits of Using These Technologies
  • It is a latest technology, used by only a select few web developers.
  • Using this technology in your website creation will enable your clients to access your website from anywhere in any device, be it mobile or tablet, with Device Resolution Compatibility. That is, the BOOTSTRAP technology enables all-device compatibility.
  • This technology is capable of providing amazingly responsive websites.
  • This platform helps your clients to get faster access to your website and neat and clean web UI (User Interface) to interact with it.
  • With this technology we create an outstanding website with the features of mutuality, uniformity, value-added semantics, offline caching, etc.
  • HTML5 / CSS3 helps us to use all the elements precisely in our web development process whether it is from semantics, connectivity, and multimedia to graphics, styling, performance and integration.
  • This technology is Open Source, extendible, and platform-independent scripting language.
  • It supports large amount of databases.
  • PHP is compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE.
  • Because of low development and maintenance cost with very high performance and reliability this language enables us to create open source, increased efficient, usable, processed, compatible, user-friendly and cost-effective websites.
Support benefits
We provide
  • free support for the warranty period of 12 months;
  • support in further modification and customization;
  • scalability support;
  • infrastructure support;
  • guidance in submitting your App in Google Play Store.

Practice Marketing – Patient Engagement

Ensuring that your practice is listed at every possible online space where potential patients could search for your services is the key to drive more traffic to your web pages or listing, which in turn achieve more patient arrival to your practice.

Eli Health having expertise in HEALTHCARE SOFTWARE and Digital Marketing for the past 20 years exactly does that by providing an excellent structural platform for Patient Engagement via Digital Marketing Services for individual practices, facilities and hospitals.

In a world of over a billion smartphones, it is of paramount importance to engage prospective and current patients. It can be done seamlessly by providing your practice information at their fingertips through their smartphones to increase patient enrolment, patient retention and revenue generation.

Increasingly professional organizations well versed in practice marketing are sought after for practice marketing by individual clinics, facilities and hospitals instead of spending their own resources. A company like Eli Health with their vast experience in HIS will be the best bet to employ winning strategies including effective patient engagement in marketing your practice.

Practice marketing involves digital marketing of your practice with professional help on relevant web properties to acquire and maintain online visibility and reputation, resulting in enhanced volume of patients and revenue.

Eli Health in Practice Marketing and Patient Engagement
Eli Health’s digital marketing strategies include
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • The primary aim of the SMO is to enhance web traffic to a site and increase the awareness of its existence.
BULK Promotional SMS SERVICES: -

Bulk SMS Service is a registered service by TRAI to Service Provider. We are authorized to provide bulk sms service in entire country. This helps in generating business leads, promote your brand, to send group messages, promote your brands, to get connect with customers, give alert to customers, give promotional messages to customers & also other message related activities. Plans are based on customer requirements.

Email Marketing: -

Our e-mail marketing tactics helps organization to generate leads, promote their brand, products or email marketing campaign & other email marketing related aspects. We empower our clients to connect with customers & achieve maximum ROI related to marketing & brand building expenses.

Our Email Marketing Services Includes:
  • Bulk Mailing & Tracking
  • Advance Segmentation
  • Inbox Snapshot Previews
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Buying
  • Content Writing
  • Online Image Building Program
Content Writing:-

Making your business stand out from the rest is a challenge on the World Wide Web. It's quite easy to get lost in the sea of websites, ignored by Google and forgotten by consumers. Though marketing options are limitless, you'll never be able to reach target customers if the tools aren't right. Content writing is also one of them. You can easily attract potentials customers towards your website with good content which can provide a brief insight about your company & products you are dealing in. With our content writing & marketing we provide outstanding service & product promotion in Indore.

Eli Health Provides Huge Option In Content Writing Such As :-
  • Web Content Writing
  • Copywriting For SEO
  • Writing For Social Media
  • Free Web Content Reviews
  • Social Media Buying
Link Building: -

Eli health provides natural insight of link building its direct effect on your website traffic & its future impact on any search ranking on search engines.

Affiliate Marketing: -

Affiliate marketing is identifying opportunities for promoting your website through network sites that are related to your business objectives. So that it would promote your offers, products, and website or create brand awareness. Eli Health researches and develops affiliate relations on your behalf to promote your website through the affiliate network.

Online Marketing: -

Online Marketing plays a crucial role in marketing mix of an organization, as the percentage of internet consumer Expenditure grows, more and more businesses are switching towards online & marketing &allocating portions of their budgets to online advertising. Being seen by your audience is only half the battle won. To drive ROI & Return On marketing spend, a thorough and diversified online advertising strategy required, one that combines PPC, PPA, PPI and social media marketing tactics for optimal performance of the online marketing strategies.

Support Benefits of Aligning with Eli Health
  • We provide infrastructure support.
  • We offer online training for your staff.
  • We also give online knowledge transfer.

Practice marketing involves digital marketing of your practice with professional help on relevant web properties to acquire and maintain online visibility and reputation, resulting in enhanced volume of patients and revenue

Patient Engagement Application

In the era of fast world today, you need a responsive mobile application that can communicate to your customers on your behalf. Eli Health, mobile application Development Company has experience in creating very responsive and easy to use mobile applications. Eli Health is known for its dedicated efforts to help business for their development needs and goals. Eli Health has a vision and spirit to serve for better user experiences.
Our mobile application development process allows making very powerful mobile applications. In order to ensure better quality with our mobile application development services our team handles every mobile application project with detailed approach and exclusive strategy.

We provide following mobile application development solutions with expertise in Healthcare domain.

Mobile Website Design- Mobile applications are vital these days and we do understand the digital market and the popularity of mobile phones. By keeping this fact in mind that there are so many competitive advantages of having a mobile website; we make very responsive and mobile friendly websites.

Android App Development– We provide a wide range of mobile application development services that works smoothly, load quickly and perform better.

IOS app– We are experienced iOS app developers. We believe to bring a better experience for the user, and thus we make IOS apps that are simple to use and user friendly.

Windows app development- Our windows application development process is very effective. We develop a windows app by keeping in mind various things we develop the app in such a way that is easy to use for the customers.