Appointment Module

We have the facility of appointment as per Doctor Schedule Master. It covers Doctor’s day, time Interval, and start to end time in a particular day. Doctors can see monthly schedule of in a single page. There is provision for direct patient without MRD No., Appointment Cancellation is there, also Re-Scheduling. For Procedure appointment, a separate slot can be created, like Doctor Schedule. List can be generate generated of (for) the next two days, appointment List for SMS. A print out with confirmation can be handed out to the customer.

Ward Management

This module performs three different functions– Patient Care, Patient Investigation and Nursing Stations activity management. It also interacts with other modules such as Diagnostic Centres, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Diet and OT etc. It allows nurses to generate Service Charge Slips for all the services offered to each Patient in the Ward for Patient Billing purposes. Furthermore, it includes:

  • Graph for Value-Duration of BP, Temperature, Pulse, Respiratory Rate
  • Recording all medical information and procedure during diagnosis
  • Recording of all check-up visits of different doctors
  • Nursing Station connects with all Diagnostic Centres to export and import patient information
  • Automatic calculation of room rent at the time of discharge/transfer
  • Bill consisting of module wise charges generated at the time of discharge
  • Daily statement of all admitted/discharged patients
  • Doctor visits report for different patients
  • Visiting doctor to a particular patient

Billing Module

The hospital management billing module manages all cash transactions, department transfers and various other billing activities of the hospital. OPD/Investigation billing can be made at the reception by cash, credit card, cheque and TPA credit. Collection end can be managed user wise or patient wise as per needed. Financial transactions once made cannot be altered without the administration approval.

OPD Module

OPD Management Module maintains outpatient information and provides interfaces with Appointments, Investigation Centres, Day Care Surgery, Pharmacy and Enable Cash Collection from Outpatients for Consultations. It generates a Cash Receipt along with Cash Collection and Revenue Summary reports for daily reconciliation. It also facilitates auto-posting in accounting records. Some of the other features include:

  • OPD Registration & management of Out-patient Record
  • Generate OPD Pt. Register / Bill / OPD card / Duplicate card
  • Maintain record of all patient compliant, diagnosis, prescription, reports
  • Special online reports for daily patients – Doctor-wise, Category-wise, Branch-wise, Next/Re-Visit Report
  • OPD Cash Collection (Daily Collection, Doctor-wise, Category-wise)
  • Information Screen Department wise Doctor on Duty
  • Dynamic Prescription Printing (Hindi & English)
  • Reports-Daily Registered Patients /Advance Receipt Slip / Category wise Patients Report Next Re-Visit Patient Appointment Report

Facilitates Integration Of Modules With Rate Master

Another module that enables the practitioners to enhance their professional practice.

  • Preparation of Bills both for Out-Patients and In-Patients
  • Resident & Visiting Doctors details
  • Diagnostic Centres, Centre wise tests with charges for Out-Patients and In-Patients and Reporting Formats of Tests
  • Setup of Billing Procedures for Surgery, entry for different Surgeries with charges etc.
  • Category of Beds, Wards, Bed Numbers, Bed Charges and other Bed Category related charges
  • Creation of Health Check-up package Medical Schemes & Credit Companies Billing Details

In-Patients Billing & Cash Collection

This Module covers extensively the complete billing functions involved from the date and time of admission of a Patient till discharge

  • Investigation Advice Entry
  • Medicine Requisition Entry
  • Hospital Canteen Diet Supplies
  • Special Services offered
  • Visiting Consultants Record
  • Transfer and Discharge Advice
  • Calculate bed charges automatically
  • Generate Receipt for deposits/advances for amount collected from Patients and Bill (Interim) or Bill (Final) for settlement.
  • Generate Deposits Exhaust List for collection of amount due from each Patient on medical expenses incurred by the hospital.
  • Enable generation of In-Patient Register, Billing Register, Collections Record, etc

Registration Module

This module offers a very user friendly approach to capture patient’s personal information and effectively manage the registration process. The system then generates a unique patient identification number. You can also attach previous summary of the patient in the form of an image or a referral document. Retrieving patient’s information for future visit becomes easy and time saving with the unique identity number.

Surgery Management Module

Our Surgery Management Module provides information on Operation Schedules, Operation Notes from Nurses, Anaesthetists and Surgeons. It maintains Surgical and Medical Stock information. The System provides facility for advance booking and fixing Patient Appointments for Surgery. Daily Surgery schedule can be generated in advance. Details entered are used for Surgery Billing to Patients. It facilitates O.T. Assistant to enter useful information about Surgery Performed and generates Anaesthesia cum Surgery Register to be maintained in O.T.

  • OT Station For OT Billing.
  • Online OT Booking from Registration Screen And making OT Schedule
  • Maintain All Surgical Information Pre And Post Operation Details
  • OT Link with All Diagnostic Departments To Get Report Of Patients
  • Maintain OT Inventory And Maintenance Schedule Of Machines
  • At a Glance OT Schedule & Surgical Information Of Patient For Operation

System Maintenance

LMS provides special System Maintenance functions to maintain software files and maximum disk space availability in an efficient way to the users to deliver a seamless technology solution for the entire organization.

Medical Record Management & Medical Statistics

Medical Record Management Module is of great importance in the overall integrated hospital management system. This module gets integrated with Out-Patients and In-Patients Modules. For each patient, multiple visits are possible. For each visit, standard format & appointment related information is provided. You can record history, symptoms, signs, examination, details, prescription, advice, operations performed and investigations. The system also allows you to enter different & probable diagnosis which could be later analysed. You can search patient details based on any criteria like time period of diagnosis, age, sex, blood group, date of birth, referral doctors, city etc. The appointment scheduler is easy to use and allows you to look at daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

  • Appointment Manager
  • History / Examination / Investigation / Diagnosis
  • Prescription / Doctor sheet / Nursing Sheet / Nursing Chart / Graphs

Discharge Summary Module

It helps to generate the Discharge Summary or Discharge Card. This includes History, Examinations, Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment given, Treatment advised & the overall summary of case.

Hospital Financial Management System

This module has been designed to streamline departmental workflow by managing Hospital’s finance system including Doctor’s accounts. It can be worked as a Stand-alone version or as integrated version of LMS package. The Stand-alone version facilitates for the entry of vouchers including Out-Patient Receipts, In-Patients Bills and Receipts. Whereas the integrated version provides a linkage with other LMS modules for automatic postings of Receipts and Bills. The Chart of Accounts is user-definable and several features have been provided for security access, setting-up of Control Accounts, etc. Budgeting and Costing will also be integrated in the Financial Accounting System for monitoring the Budgeted versus Actual figures. The accounts of Hospital Canteen can also be maintained as this Module supports multiple branches and multi users in the Accounts Department.

  • Financial Accounting is Associated With All Departments To Maintain All Account Automatically
  • Maintain All Ledger And Cash Book Registers
  • Ledger of All Transaction of Credit And Debit of Particular Account Generate Automatically. Under Any Account Head Daily Transaction Can be Generate
  • Billing And payments Are Directly Associated To Account Any Time Balance Sheet, Ledger of Different Heads- Party Ledger & Trial Balance Can Generate
  • Security Can Be Apply To any Ledger or Balance sheet at Any Level
  • Balance Sheet (Daily/Monthly/Yearly)
  • Daily Receipt/Payment Report / Department Wise Collection
  • Journals /Cash Book/Bank Book/Sale Book/Purchase Book –Registers and Credit Note/Debit Note, / Financial Budget

Blood Bank Management

Blood Bank Management module provides all the necessary functionalities of a blood bank which includes collection and availability of Blood and its components. The system maintains a list of Voluntary and other Donors. When bleeding is done from Donors, various tests are carried out to ensure that the Blood is not infectious. The system displays registration of Donors, a format for entry of results of each test and quantity of blood collected with Stock and Pouch Number. The request for blood requirement, Blood Cross matching result, issue of blood for specific patient, post transfusion reaction, etc. could be entered. Enquiry and reports on stock, blood group-wise, stock of blood getting expired, plasma products converted from blood, bookings, etc.

  • All records of Blood Bank maintained according to Accreditation Standard of Blood Bank
  • Printing Donor Card / Blood Group Card
  • Unique No maintained of Donor and Blood
  • Donor list maintained group wise and city wise
  • Stock Status at a glance
  • Blood Issue Record (Purpose/Time/Date/Quantity)
  • Min – Max Stock Limit Level
  • Mailing Label Printing
  • Blood Stock status
  • Donor Information Group Wise /City Wise
  • Label / Donor Card / Blood Group Card Printing
  • Donor/Issue Record

Drug Stores & Pharmacy Module

Netram HIS offers a multi-user module integrated together providing a truly online environment for authorized Pharmacy users accessing from different locations. This module creates and maintain different stocking locations within a Hospital with one main drug stores and several sub-stores such as OPD Pharmacy, IPD Pharmacy, OT Pharmacy & wards. The drugs approved by the Drugs Purchase Committee can be purchased and distributed by main drug stores to various sub-stores and departments. The Module enables online entry of all documents and update the respective stock masters for receipt, issue and sales. Online query provides details regarding stock of an item at various locations, expiring drugs forecast and many more required for day-to-day operations. A number of useful outputs are generated to the management. Issue of pharmacy drugs to patients from any location automatically updates Patient’s Billing folio. Billing and Collection are linked with Financial Accounts.

Inventory Management

  • For all Product- Re-ordering Limit/ Maintenance Schedule / Exp. Date can be defined. Calculate Consumption of Product
  • All Machine Maintenance /Vendor/Date of Purchase/User Manual/Issued To/Operator Record
  • Generate Stock Status Report -Category wise Stock Status.
  • Indent, Goods Receipt note and Issue. Gate pass etc.
  • Alert for Re-Ordering /Maintenance Schedule/ Expire
  • Order Forms, Tender Form, Notice etc.
  • List of Products – Not For Issue or Expired
  • Product Issue List

Material Stores Inventory Management

Asset Stores Module facilitates in creation and maintenance of Hospital Assets Department-wise and other material details Store-wise. At any Point of time users can get to know the total assets category-wise with quantity and depreciated value. Following are the sub-modules to handle functions in Inventory Management System, integrated with Financial Accounts for Supplier’s bills receipt and payments.

  • Printing & Stationary Stores
  • Linen Stores
  • Stores Management Module
    • Physical Verification Entry Form & Adjustment of Stock
    • Goods Receipt Register
    • Stock Record (Bin Card)
    • Stock Status Summary
    • Stock Ledger
    • Stores Issue Analysis (Detailed Statement)
    • Stores Issue Summary Statement
  • Purchase Ordering Module
  • Inventory Control Module

Departments Inventory Management

Nursing Stations, ICU, Emergency check-up room and other departments in a hospital stock certain essential medicines and consumables, which are issued for patients as and when necessary. Similarly Lab chemicals, Reagents, films, etc. will be maintained in LAB, CT SCAN, Ultrasound and X-Ray departments. This module will enable maintenance of stock of items department wise with receipts, issues / consumption and stock balance enabling display of stock of any item in any department for an online query. Highly useful Stock Reports and monthly Bank Statement will also be prepared for each department.

System Security and Access Rights Control

System Security is the backbone of the entire package for maintaining Data Integrity and Data Security of the Hospital: User ID, User Password and Access to each option in each module to check the Access Control. The Super-User has right to delete a User password in any Module, if the User has left the Hospital or somebody else misuses his password in the hospital. Special Facility is given for providing Privileged Passwords for handling options such as Modification, Deletion, and Management Queries, etc.

  • AUTHENTICATION (Checking Who the User Is)
  • Protection of Data from Modification & Deletion

Security Setup

One of the salient features of our Software is its in-built Security which is provided in two stages.

  • In the primary level, a privileged access is given to a user in the Hospital, identified as the Super User with SUPERUSER PASSWORD.
  • The SUPERUSER can access with privilege any Modules of HMS, there by having the entire control over the Software
  • All the above USER-ID’s and PASSWORD’S are protected from being changed by any User or other persons by keeping them in an encrypted format
  • Also, when the Users in the Software enter the USER-ID and Password’s, they are not echoed on to the Screen (Monitor), providing an additional Security.

Diagnostic Module

Diagnostic Module facilitates in carrying out investigations and entry of Investigation findings in various centres, generation of Investigation, advice based on Consultants, advice for In-Patients from the respective Nursing stations The Investigations advised for Out-Patients or In-Patients (from Wards) will be flashed in the respective Diagnostic Centre Terminal In Selection Window User Friendly Architect with selection Option “No Typing Required.”

  • Display All Patient Registration & Tests on Selection Screen
  • Screen Contain All Information And Diagnostic Details of a Patient at a Click
  • Any No. Of Test, Category, Department Can Be Add Trough Master
  • All Type Of Reporting (Tabular, Descriptive, Single, Graphical) Including Normal Referral Range Is Possible Printing Options For Report And Bill Printing (fast/Economical/Customizable)
  • Complete Financial Accounting For Lab
  • Daily Report Of Patients
  • Daily/ Monthly/ Ref By Collection Report
  • Test Wise Patient /Patient Wise Test Report
  • Paid /Discount /Due Reports
  • Image capturing