A Unique Technically Refined, Beneficial User-Friendly Software

Netram EMR — electronic medical record with image work-up templates — eliminates paper work to optimize report turnaround duration by reducing duplication of information entries. No dusty files and registers to look up when an old patient returns to check patient medical history — just a few clicks take you to the requisite record.

Consciously designed to suit the practice of Doctors

  • These user-friendly solutions have third level security, while ensuring optimized medical decision making by suggesting diagnoses on the basis of complaints and vision.
  • Examination details, investigations required, and appropriate medication can be found in the templates which can be used to serve as prompts for complicated cases.
  • The diagnostic module includes templates for use in pathological investigations, radiology, and cardiology.

Horses for Courses

  • The biggest advantage of Netram EMR lies in the fact that different modules are designed in accordance with end use.
  • The ophthalmologists can check their schedule for the day at a glance, periodically review their engagements for the month; instantly review patient history, track patients in the OPD, especially those who require surgery, while checking the schedule of the OT.

Disparate reports like medical analysis reports, administrative reports, and graphical reports can be generated by EMR enabling better informed medical decision making.

Hospital Administrators

  • For the hospital administrators, it integrates optical services and pharmacy to increase flexibility and scalability.
  • The HIS facilitates information exchange on inventory management, while using reports and analytics to enable strategic and expansion decisions.
  • Offering patients packages becomes easier as there are solutions for the management include registration, billing, discharge, inventory, financial accounting on Tally, eye bank status etc.

Outpatient Department

  • The outpatient department (OPD) medical record management (EMR) includes auto-refraction workup
  • It is directly transferred from the equipment;
    • Optometrist workup;
    • Assistant doctor workup (dnb);
    • Findings from the doctor’s examination;
    • Counselor workup for surgery booking;
    • Image workup.

Hospital Management System

  • The hospital management system modules include inpatient department (IPD) medical record management, IPD case paper, nursing sheet, nursing chart, doctor sheet, charge sheet, discharge summary, and IPD tracking module.
  • The surgical management (OT module) consists of
    • The preoperative record;
    • The preoperative check list including the preoperative general anesthesia check list;
    • The anesthetic record and operation record with operative notes used in OT by LCD;
    • IOL stock management; postoperative check list;
    • OT log register management; drug log book; lens log book; auto clave log book;
    • The steam sterilized log book.

Patient Friendly Too

  • Each patient is given a plastic ID card like an ATM Card.
  • It can be printed and provided to the patient for follow-up visits.
  • By swiping this card, the date of the next visit of the patient is automatically generated with help of card reader or bar-code reader.
  • Eli Health EMR ensures that waiting time is reduced for each patient; the need to carry paper medical records for every appointment is eliminated;
  • The ease of access to optical shop is assured.