Patient Registration

  • Routine and quick registration with duplicate check
  • Manage demographics information
  • Track patient’s billing, insurance, claims, appointment, visit & referral information
  • Check-in and check-out patient, track patient movement and no-shows

Appointment Schedule Management

  • Daily, weekly and monthly Planners
  • Color-coded appointments, reserved slots and blocked times for ease and convenience
  • Reschedule, wait-list or cancel appointments
  • Integrated with registration, billing, Insurance and EHR

Patient Billing & Insurance Management

  • Cash, insurance and corporate billing flows
  • Paper claims processing
  • Electronic claims processing
  • Collection management

Robust Reporting

  • Monitor and manage clinic’s progress with ease
  • Hundreds of financial, operational, clinical and utilization reports available

Secure Messaging

  • Secure intra-clinic messaging function called Ticklers
  • SMS interface
  • Email interface