Most of the world is mobile

Research states that on an average a person spends 3 hours on mobile phone daily, mainly interacting with Apps. In 2014, the number of people using their mobile phones for web solutions surpassed the number of desktop users. Google-released research findings state that 3 in 10 customers start a purchase path from a mobile App.

Mobile App is easy to use

A website needs the user to open a browser and enter the URL of the site, whereas all a mobile App calls for is a single touch on the screen of smart phone or any other smart device.

App increases your visibility to patient/clients at all times

People use smart phones at all times: While waiting at the bus stop, commuting to and from work, on holidays and even when watching TV. Your brand, name and logo need to be seen whenever people scroll, unlock, and do other functions. By having a mobile App your visibility is increased.

Mobile App is two-way communication

Though a website is a good place to get information and post queries and suggestions by patient-customers it can’t beat the two-way communication the mobile App is capable of. A helpdesk in the App connects you with your patients at all times.

An App is a direct patient engagement tool

You can give lot of information about your services to your patients such as new equipment purchase, its features and benefits, hospital expansion and upgradation information, promotions and special rates as well as newsfeed. Likewise you can also know a lot about your potential and current patients, like their geographical location and their preference, which will enable you to reach out your patients and meet their individual needs.

App increases patient engagement

You are providing an easy way to your potential customer to reach you at the touch of a button to register with you or fix an appointment. Easy and short procedure for availing your services enhances patient traffic, in turn revenue. Patients can pose their questions, fix appointment, ask for specialist opinion, post comments and register complaints. Your replying to their communication promptly and personally is an effective way of building brand loyalty.

App enhances brand recognition and brand loyalty

Because of increased mobile usage time and when the users do some other work in a smart phone, like banking, your App gets noticed frequently. By this your brand recognition is built. Additionally, push messages options in your App will make the patient notice your App more. Mobile Apps with the sharing option enable patients to share your communication with their friends. It is equal to a word of mouth referral of your hospital and services. Studies suggest that referrals and third party sales are among the most gainful marketing strategies.

Mobile App increases patient loyalty

Patient loyalty is achieved when you are constantly in touch with your patientss reminding them of your existence and services you offer. As there is already too much advertising out there in the form of roadside banners, newspaper ads, billboards, email and social media marketing, you need to have a one-on-one connection between your business and your existing and potential patients. Nothing can beat a patient mobile App in that. Putting your business at their fingertip means increased top and bottom lines.


We design mobile Apps that fulfil all the above-mentioned need for a MOBILE APP, such as increasing visibility of your business, enhancing patient engagement, thereby increasing brand loyalty and revenue.

Benefits of Partnering with Us
Technical benefits
  • Our mobile Apps function over cross-platform – we create mobile Apps that can run on popular OS, including Android, iOS and Windows.
  • We design Apps with complete scalability.
  • Our technical team has vast User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Design skills to create user-friendly interface.
  • Our designers have a firm grasp of and experience in modern programming languages like PHP, Java, HTML5 and C# to create responsive and interactive Apps.
  • We have a dedicated R&D wing “Innovation Factory” which keeps us on top rung of our business.
Organizational benefits
  • We have our Holding Company ELI GLOBAL’s back up with its vast international experience, resources and man years
  • Eli Health and its web services have PAN INDIA clientele.
  • Our group has delivered a 35% Compound Annual Growth with over $1 billion assets
Support benefits
We provide
  • free support for the warranty period of 12 months;
  • support in further modification and customization;
  • scalability support;
  • infrastructure support;
  • guidance in submitting your App in Google Playstore.